Summary: Lordran is where the known story of the world began. Here, underground, was born the First Flame, the Flame of Disparity; and drawn to it where the mortals, and found the souls of Lords within the flame. Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight; Gravelord Nito; the Witch of Izalith; and the forgotten Furtive Pygmy. Here, the four Lords began their war against the everlasting dragons, and upon their victory, began the Age of Fire. Soon came man into the world, whom were granted souls and the world.

Current Events: Lordran is the center for the Dark Lord’s empire. All his armies are sent to the mainland from here. Outside of the regions that are firmly in the Dark Lord’s grasp, information regarding this land besides the rumors of farmers at an inn’s fireplace is scarce.

Locations: Lordran is an island to the north of Astora, a land never truly conquered by man until recent years. It is cold and icy, and dotted with powerful mountains of fire. Lordragn is in a land that was previously known as Iceland. It’s only known major cities are Anor Londo and New Anor Londo.

Culture: Unknown

History: Several decades ago, a lone man, branded Hollow by the Darksign, made pilgrimage to Lordran, hoping to fulfill some ancient prophecy. One by one, he slew the ancient monsters that dwelled there and found the Lordvessel, key to the Kiln of the First Flame. He then slew the Four Kings, Seath the Scaleless, Gravelord Nito and the Witch of Izalith, claiming their souls, each a part of the key to open the way to the First Flame. He then opened the way and reach the Kiln, and inside faced the ancient, weakened, undead Gwyn, now Lord of Cinders. He defeated Gwyn and took his soul, absorbing it and became the Dark Lord, the Fourth Lord who ushered in the Age of Dark.
Lordran is now the base of the Dark Lord’s armies as he spreads across Europe, conquering the whole of the world. Undead and living alike dwell, serve and thrive in this land… at what cost?

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