Souls in the Dark takes place in a late midieval/renaissance world very similar to our own. Less than a century ago, the Dark Lord rose to power by slaying and taking the soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinders, thus ending the Age of Fire-the age of the Gods. This literally, too ‘ended’ the sun; the world has light for an average of 4 hours a day and it is rarely warm. In addition, the number of undead has increased and the Deep Fog has reemerged amongst all wars that immediately followed Gwyn’s death, leaving the countryside largely devoid of humans. Many lands and cities that were previously lost to the Fog have returned, and some not in their original place-some with demons, some devoid of life altogether. Furthermore, many natural landscapes have been altered, either being simply erased or created-all near the seemingly random patches of Fog. Especially the forests, aided further by the latent magic all around them, have encroached upon settlements, leaving the world outside the cities a mix of desolate fields, thick forests or groves of full archtrees and crags and cliffs. Many ancient, underground dwellings and castles have been found, some seemingly human, some fairy, some demon, and some even filled with dragons.
One of the greatest changes has been the increase in undead, particularly Hollows. Many, alive and undead, have flocked to the ever-active empire of the Dark Lord, based in Lordran. His goals remain elusive at best; at that is really known is that he claims to be the leader for mankind and the bane of the Gods.
Many mercenaries, escorts, hunters and graverobbers now make their living simply by going out of the city and slaying thieves, undead and any of a myriad of magical creatures and collecting their souls. Despite the decrease in inter-city trade, the soul trade has never flourished as it does now; before, almost all souls came from ordinary humans, and, so, many chose to not use souls, or to use them sparingly or only ones harvested under certain conditions; now, there are a myriad of sources, most ethical enough and for most, souls are now too necessary to care. They are used to power countless machinations; as a substitute for sunlight for many foods; for weapons and defense, and the creation of many popular novelties.

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