Commerce has been revolutionized repeatedly in the latter years. With the instigation of the soul arts, new technologies and comforts became available; trade and mercantilism prospered. Then with the opening of the Age of Dark, society, in a sense, collapsed. Established orders fell; roads and countrysides became covered in eternal dark, filled with fiends and bandits. Lands lost to the Deep Fog reappeared seemingly without reason.
Now goods are still in good supply, but not to the extent it was. Prices have risen and with it, become more stable. Nations and empires hold less power and city-states more, and the empire of the Dark Lord ever grows. Independent dungeon delvers, grave robbers, mercenaries and escorts have flourished in a way history has never seen before, while massive guilds and businesses has ebbed away.

The Soul Trade

Souls are amongst the most valuable of commodities as they are the source for all magic and many new technologies. Many businesses processing and selling souls have arisen to become perhaps the most lucrative trade in history.
All souls come from the mortal races, though not necessarily living ones. Many mercenaries make a living by hunting bandits and the undead alike, often as hired caravan escorts. Alternatively, many explorers and grave-robbers collect the souls of those they encounter in the dark. Many guilds formed for the interest of just such adventurers have arisen.
The stronger a being was in life, the stronger is its soul, and the creatures who have absorbed many souls are something else altogether. A strong soul is not merely an amalgamation of lesser souls; it is another power entirely, its energy and power unparalleled. Hence, the stronger a single soul is, the greater the feats that can be accomplished with it.
Souls sell for varying amounts, based on the quality and strength of the soul. A soul sells as follows:

1 HD: 10 gold
2 HD: 25 gold
3 HD: 60 gold
4 HD: 90 gold
5 HD: 120 gold
6 HD: 135 gold
7 HD: 200 gold
8 HD: 270 gold
9 HD: 300 gold
10 HD: 440 gold
11 HD: 570 gold
12 HD: 740 gold
13 HD: 950 gold
14 HD: 1,335 gold
15 HD: 1,670 gold
16 HD: 2,000 gold
17 HD: 2,670 gold
18 HD: 3,340 gold
19 HD: 4,670 gold
20 HD: 6,000 gold

Mundane Goods

Gear may be taken from the following books: Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Player’s Handbook 2, Dungeon Master’s Guide 2, Heroes of Battle, Heroes of Horror, Complete Arcane and Magic of Incarnum. All costs remain the same.

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