Souls in the Dark

Creation Notes Log 1

August 15th, 2012

Tansarff I contacted Will, Alle, JD, Nina and Tristan about joining the campaign today. Will, Tristan and JD were interested and seemed committed to play. Alle is hesitant but is interested. Nina still says she can’t roleplay well enough.
Tristan’s character concepts are an axe-wielding warrior in full armor; an archer; and either an explosives expert or a pyromancer. He stated that he would most likely go for either an alchemist or pyromancer.
JD has developed his character, a female half-elf princess. She is duel-classed in witch and paladin. She is haughty and detests the ‘clean and snobby aristocrat’ stereotype. JD also contributed in the creation of House De La Fleur, the current ruling family of Astora.

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